Carpet, Upholstery, Rugs….Why Deep Clean Them?

Carpet, Upholstery, Rugs….Why Deep Clean Them?

 This is a common question the team at Really Cheap Carpet Cleaning Brisbane frequently gets asked! “Why regularly deep clean our rugs/carpets/upholstery? Won’t spot cleaning and vacuuming do just as good a job?” In short, the answer is not really. While your surfaces might look clean on the surface, vacuuming and spot cleaning areas won’t get deep down into the fibres and make it really clean.

So, what are the benefits?

Getting your floor rugs cleaned regularly can massively improve their appearance. While regular vacuuming can keep the surface dust & debris free, getting the whole rug thoroughly cleaned will invigorate the fibres and brighten them. This will also help prevent the signs of wear and tear appearing as quickly.

With upholstery, you spend a lot of time sitting or laying on it. Couches and chairs are usually the central piece of furniture for family time. Even with regular vacuuming, bacteria can still live in the fabric. As well as all the deep-down dirt and crumbs that inevitably build up behind the cushions, sticky fingers and hidden spills that make the fabric a breeding ground for it.


The last reason is bugs and allergens. Vacuum cleaners do a good everyday job, but to thoroughly sanitise and eradicate them, regular thorough cleaning is the key.

We hope this has shed some light on why regular cleaning of your carpets, rugs and upholstery is beneficial. Please don’t hesitate to contact us for a free quote and fabulous deals and discounts!



When Should You Call a Carpet Cleaner

If you have carpets in your home, you’re going to need to get them cleaned from time to time. You might be wondering how often you need to get this done.

How Do They Get So Dirty?

You might not notice your carpets getting dirty if they are darkly coloured, but if you have light carpets, you will certainly notice straight away when they get dirty.

Every time someone walks into the house, they bring with them dirt from outside. You might have a no-shoes-inside rule, which will definitely reduce the amount of wear and tear your carpets receive, but it won’t stop the dirt altogether.

People tend to have sweaty socks, so the moisture and oil from their feet can get into the carpet. If you have a pet, your carpets are going to get dirty much quicker, especially if your dog is allowed inside.

Carpets also wear from the friction of being walked on. You may notice that the entry to your house tends to have flat, worn carpet. This is because it’s the most used part of the carpet in your house.

Time to Call Us

Carpets should be professionally steam cleaned once every six months or so, and definitely at the end of the lease if you’re living in a rented property and want to get your bond money back.

Regular cleaning will increase the life of your carpets. It’s definitely worth looking after your carpets rather than forking out large amounts of money for new carpets.

If you get your carpets professionally cleaned, another perk is that they look and smell great! Your home environment will be a lot nicer with clean carpets.

If you have small children, having clean carpets is a must, as they spend plenty of play time on the floor. You don’t want them picking up any nasties from the carpet.

If it’s time for you to get your carpet cleaned, give us a call today!

Here at Really Cheap Carpet Cleaning, we hope you’ve enjoyed this blog.