Mattress Cleaning Discount

Mattress Cleaning Discount

mattress It’s never a bad idea to regularly update and replace your mattress. While some mattresses come with long guarantees, most cheap mattresses only last about 5 years. Springs can pop out, stuffing can come through the seams and the mattresses can sink and become uncomfortable. If you’ve made to commitment to splash out on a really good mattress with a long warranty, you’ll want to keep it in the best shape possible. If you think about how much time you spend on it and all of the dead skin, bacteria, animal fur and dust that can build up, you can understand why regular cleaning it important.

With winter approaching, we are offering a 10% discount on mattress cleaning to all our customers. You can even combine it was our carpet cleaning Brisbane service and save even more money! Contact us now to book in!

Cleaning Hacks that Will Save You Time

Cleaning Hacks that Will Save You Time

broom on wooden floor Really Cheap Carpet Cleaning Brisbane really love cleaning! No, we really do! However, we do know not everyone feels the same way, so we decided to share a few cleaning hacks to make the job faster but still effective.

  1. Kitchen sponges are well-known for harbouring bacteria. You can throw it in the dishwasher to get cleaned out, or even put it in the microwave for 30 seconds. Just be careful taking it out, as it will be extremely hot.
  2. Dampen a sock in detergent and water, put it on your hand and you have a simple way of cleaning horizontal blinds that are major dust collectors.
  3. A microfiber cloth and some rubbing alcohol (Isocol) will make your stainless steel appliances shine
  4. Sprinkle bicarb soda on your couch seats, leave for half an hour and then vacuum up. This will clean and freshen your fabric seats.
  5. You can also use bicarb soda inside your shoes to remove that sweaty foot smell. Sprinkle inside the shoes and leave them until you wear them again. Remember to tip it out before wearing though!
  6. To easily remove baked on grease in your microwave, add one cup of water and one cup of vinegar to a microwave-safe bowl. Set on high for 10 mins, then carefully remove. The nwipe the inside of your microwave with paper towel. Any gunk should just wipe away.
  7. You can put your stove knobs, oven grills and drip trays in the dishwasher

We hope these few tips help make those repetitive cleaning tasks a bit easier! Of course, you can always contact us to help out with our spring cleaning service!

3 Tips for Managing Everyday Cleaning Tasks

3 Tips for Managing Everyday Cleaning Tasks

basket of laundry It seems like there is never enough time in the day to complete all the little everyday cleaning tasks required to keep a house in order. The team at Really Cheap Carpet Cleaning Brisbane thought we’d give you 3 tips to help manage the general household cleaning tasks while you’re doing other things!


Tip 1: Multi-task some things!

Looking at all the individual tasks to do just to maintain a reasonably tidy house can be overwhelming at times. So why not try doing a few things at once? A few suggestions are –

  • Wiping the walls of the shower and bathtub down while you’re using it
  • Clean the sink area and basin while you’re brushing your teeth
  • While doing the dishes, wipe the benches, oven cooktop and put away stray kitchen items
  • Use a soft brush attachment on your vacuum and use it on your furniture while doing the floors
  • If you do a meal plan, get rid of old and out-of-date items when doing your stocktake for the week

Tip 2 – Have Collection Piles

Instead of leaving things scattered everywhere and building up clutter, have a designated basket/s for putting random items in, and then at the end of the week, go through it. If you do end up needing an item before the end of the week, you’ll know exactly where it is.

Another idea is if you know you have to walk past a certain area of the house, take a pile of something and put it away. For example, if you know you’re going past the laundry, gather up any clothes that need washing and put them in the machine.

Tip 3 – Have A Routine

Having a set time for things can help spread the tasks out and ensure they don’t get out of control.

  • Putting a load of clothes on before going to bed and hanging out in the morning
  • Loading a dishwasher at night and putting away in the morning
  • Make lists of things and plan the optimal time to complete them during the week

We hope these tips are a start towards easing the overwhelming feeling of never having enough time to fit it all in. Alternately, Really Cheap Carpet Cleaning Brisbane are more than happy to step in and help out with our team of spring cleaners. Feel free to contact us any time for a free quote.





When Was the Last Time Your Home Had a Spring Clean?

Spring Clean Your Home With Really Cheap Carpet Cleaning in Brisbane

broom on wooden floorOvens, walls, cupboards, light fittings, ceiling fans, air conditioners. All the little niggly things that you should do but either don’t have the time or the motivation. Don’t worry, Really Cheap Carpet Cleaning Brisbane can help! Contact us for whatever you need to be done and we’ll give you a free quote. Don’t forget, if you choose to get more of our services done at the same time, you can get a discount on the overall price!

Brisbane’s Number 1

When it comes to carpet cleaning, Really Cheap Carpet Cleaning are number one. Here’s why.

Affordable Cleaning

We are the most affordable carpet cleaner in Brisbane. Check our rates against the competition and see that it’s true. We service the whole Brisbane area, so no matter where you live you can count on us to come and do a fantastic job on your carpets. We offer an industry leading 7 day bond back guarantee on our cleans (if purchased). For your records, we provide a full QLD certified invoice when you utilise our services.

We are recommended by a range of local real estate agents as the end of lease carpet cleaners because we do a great job every time, even getting rid of those stubborn stains you thought would never come out!

Our customer service is renowned for its quality too. From the booking stage through to the end of the job, we treat you like the valued customer you are. We arrive punctually and get the job done in the specified time frame so you’re not inconvenienced.

Our Services

We don’t just offer carpet cleaning, we’re actually a one-stop-shop for end of lease cleaning services or just cleaning services in general. We also offer pest control, mattress cleaning, bond cleaning, spring cleaning, tile cleaning, and upholstery cleaning. Any cleaning job in your home is no challenge for us. Talk to us about bundling multiple services together for extra value.

If you’d like to know what our customers think about us, look us up on Google and check out the reviews section. Our customers praise us for delivering quality services every time. You won’t be calling us back to repeat the job because we get it done properly the first time every time.

Really Cheap Carpet Cleaning – we really are number one. Call us today!

Don’t You Hate it when That Happens

Owning a carpet isn’t always a thrill – let’s face it, there are a lot of bad things that can happen every day to your prized carpets, especially if you have pets or children. No matter what you do to try to protect your carpet and home, there are always things that can happen that make them look and smell less than ideal. Cleaning carpets isn’t exactly easy, so sometimes it’s best left to the professionals, especially if you lead a busy life. Here at Really Cheap Carpet Cleaning, we thought we’d take a look at the issue.

Bad Things that can Happen

In a world of dirt, a carpet is often the victim. Anything can happen to it any day. Here are some examples of the annoying misfortunes of your beloved carpets:

  • Mud being trodden in on dirty shoes
  • Pet dog relieving itself (despite your best efforts to house train it)
  • Cats coughing up hairballs (why do they do this??)
  • Cats scratching carpet (and somehow the scratch post is left pristine)
  • Wine being spilt (that one time when you think it will be fine to enjoy a wine with your dinner in the living room)
  • Coffee being spilt
  • Food being spilt
  • Flea infestation
  • Dust mite infestation

What is the Solution?

Whatever happens to your carpets, don’t worry! We have the solution. We can get your carpets looking like new again with a good steam clean. We can remove stains not only from your carpet, but from your upholstery and mattresses as well. We can also get rid of any nasty pets with our pest control service.

If you’re using our services, you might as well get your tiles professionally cleaned as well. We also offer spring-cleaning.

Whatever happens to your beautiful home, we have the service to put it right.

Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us today for an obligation free quote to see how we can help you! You won’t regret it.