Nylon – The Fibre With Many Uses

Nylon – The Fibre With Many Uses

carpets Nylon is a fantastic fibre that is commonly used in many forms of carpet. The advantages of nylon include being extremely durable to wear and tear and having a long life span compared to other types of carpet fibres. It is also easy to clean and is stain and dirt-resistant. Perfect for a floor-covering that is required to look nice and add to the decor of your home!

Nylon is such a versatile fibre that it also has many uses that you may not have thought of! Nylon was developed during WWII as a cheaper substitute  for silk. It was used for parachutes, and women’s hosiery. It was also used for women’s clothing, and nightwear into the 1960’s when other types of synthetics were developed.  While it is rarely used in clothing today, it’s main use is in carpeting.

Other items that nylon is used in include;

  • Tooth brush bristles
  • Dental floss
  • Some shoe laces
  • Fishing nets
  • Socks
  • Women’s stockings
  • Air conditioning filters used at home/office/cars etc.
  • Camping tents

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