Brief Guide To Carpet Cleaning In Brisbane

Carpets beautify your rooms and add a touch of glamour to them. However, your precious carpets need regular cleaning to maintain the hygiene inside your home. The rugs and carpets are the perfect breeding grounds for bacteria, dust, and mites. If you are cleaning your carpets for the first time, it’s better to get in touch with a professional carpet cleaning Brisbane. 

How To Keep Your Carpets Clean

Carpets are a significant investment, and replacement is an expensive proposition. Over the years, many grime and dirt deposits are on your favourite mat, which reduces its lifespan. So, you can practice these simple tips to keep them clean and tidy. 


  • Keep dirt and grimes out of your carpet. Place outdoor and indoor mats to reduce specks of dirt from entering your home. Ask your friends to wipe their shoes before entering your home.
  • You can stop wearing shoes inside your home. Shoes carry many bacteria, dirt, and grime inside your home, and your carpets or rugs act as a magnet to attract them. It can damage the carpet and pull out the fibres resulting in matting.
  • If you have HVAC systems like heaters and coolers, check the air filters. Dirty air filters cause your HVAC systems to work extra hard and use up more energy. It also contaminated the air and became a centre point for dust.
  • Once a stain settles on your carpet, it can be hard to remove. So, act quickly when you notice a stain. Never rub a stain but wipe it down gently using OTC stain removers. But if the colours are too deep, you might need to contact experienced carpet cleaners Brisbane.
  • It may sound like a no-brainer, but vacuuming is the most effective method to remove dirt and grime. But unfortunately, most homeowners put it off indefinitely until the carpets start to degenerate. 
  • You can also consider deep cleaning your carpets through an experienced cleaning company at least twice a year. It will remove dust and keep your home healthy. 

Professional Cleaning Methods


Most homeowners want to know how professionals clean carpets. Experienced cleaning companies employ different methods—most work to remove all forms of dust and grime from your precious rugs. 

Steam Cleaning Or Hot Water Extraction 

Steam cleaning is a superior method for cleaning carpets. Professionals use a machine that forces hot water into the rug, which sucks the dirt. The hot water loosens the dirt and debris from the fibres leaving them to dry quickly. 


Then the cleaners force water inside the carpets with the help of a pressure technique that slackens the dirt. However, if the carpets are soiled, professionals will use detergents to treat them. Steam cleaning not only cleans your rugs but removes the smell and kills bacteria. 

Dry Cleaning

Dry cleaning doesn’t use water for removing dirt from carpets. Instead, expert cleaners use a mechanized brush and spray an absorbent solution through the carpet area. The solution dissolves the fibre, and a commercial vacuum sucks out the dirt. It is an effective cleaning method for carpets made from natural fibres. 

Bonnet Cleaning 

Although similar to dry cleaning, bonnet cleaning differs from it in the application. Bonnet cleaning mixes absorbent solution with carbonated water, which is spread over the carpet. A circular machine or bonnet is run over the carpet to clean the surface. But bonnet cleaning is essentially a stop-gap measure between intensive cleaning and shouldn’t be used independently. 


Shampooing is an age-old method for cleaning carpets. The cleaners pour eco-friendly solutions on the carpet surface and use a brush to clean the areas. After that, it is left to dry, and the dust automatically separates from the carpet fibres. Next, cleaners use a vacuum to separate the dried solution. 

Why Is Steam Cleaning Beneficial?

Out of the above methods, steam cleaning is the best method for your carpets. But you should always trust an experienced carpet cleaning Brisbane for the water extraction process. 


  • Steam cleaning removes trapped pollutants.
  • Clean the dust and mites
  • Help prevent the growth of moulds
  • Extend the life of your carpets
  • Refresh your carpets and impress your guests


Dirty carpets hold pollutants from different sources like:


  • Pet danders, cockroaches, and dead bugs
  • Foreign particles you carry from outside
  • Carpets absorb and release the volatile organic compounds from paint, cigarette ash, and other sources.


Steam cleaning can remove most of the pollutants effectively and give your carpets a fresh lease of life. 


Another brilliance of steam cleaning is that it removes dust mites hiding inside your carpets. Dust mites are dangerous for children and pets and feed on human skin, fungi, bacteria, and animal dander. 


Vacuuming your carpets with HEPA filters followed by steam cleaning is an effective method to stop the spreading of dust mites. 


Moulds are the source of allergies and thrive inside the warmth of your carpets. It can also happen due to water damage and leakage. So, it’s best to contact a professional carpet cleaner to remove these harmful particles through steam cleaning. 


Today, carpets are mostly made from natural fibre. So, it ages slowly but gradually loses its shine due to the presence of dust and grime. Steam cleaning once a year will help to enhance the life of your rugs. 


Your home will also smell fresh, and you will have peace of mind knowing that you have taken the necessary steps to prevent health hazards inside your home. That’s why most homeowners in Brisbane today contact professional carpet cleaners for steam cleaning. 

How Often Should You Clean Carpets?

Whether you have wall-to-wall carpets or area rugs, it needs vacuuming at least once a week. The frequency will change depending on whether you have children or pets at home. While the cost of DIY carpet cleaning is low, you should consider hiring professionals if stains settle deep inside your rugs. Cleaning your carpets requires many steps, many, which save the hazards by connecting with the pros. 

How Does Carpet Cleaning Improve Air Quality?

Few people realize that cleaning your carpets is essential for improving air quality. When you clean carpets, it removes trapped dirt and keeps the air clean. 


People suffering from asthma and allergies feel that they should avoid installing carpets at home. But this is a misconception since a professional steam cleaning will remove the allergens triggering your allergy. 


Indoor air pollution creates a greater risk than exposure to outdoor pollution. Many people also have pets which can contribute to increasing the particulate matter in the air. 


You can prevent indoor air pollution by opening your windows regularly and cleaning your HVAC system. However, you should know that your carpets also act as a giant filter that attracts pollutants and traps them inside. Remove harmful contaminants by cleaning your carpets regularly. It will improve the appearance of your home and give your clean air to breathe. 

Cleaning Mistakes You Must Avoid With Your Carpets 

Have you recently cleaned a carpet stain, only to see it reappear the next day? It happens to all at some point in time. Cleaning carpets requires you to understand the materials that make your rug. There are a few common carpet cleaning mistakes that you must avoid at all costs. 

Waiting For The Right Time 

There is no auspicious time for cleaning carpets. When you notice a stain, act immediately to remove it. When you allow a spill to dry, it soaks deep inside the carpets. It can lead to tough stains which will not respond to DIY techniques. Also, it becomes the best place for moulds to thrive. 

The Wrong Cleaners

Using inappropriate cleaning solutions will damage your carpet permanently. Please do your research before cleaning carpets and use only the recommended cleaning solution. Follow the manufacturers’ guidelines or take professional help. 

Using Too Much Chemical 

Sometimes the belief that more is better is wrong for your delicate carpets. Oversaturating your carpets with cleaning solutions will lead to fibre damage and build dirt residue. 


Not Vacuuming Regularly


Even when your carpets look clean, you shouldn’t skip vacuuming. Dits and moulds hiding inside your carpets can pose a severe health risk. So, you should vacuum once a week. 

Scrubbing Vigorously 

When you scrub vigorously to remove stains, it can pull off the fibres from the carpets. It will reduce the lifespan of your carpets. The best method for removing stains is to clean with a cloth and scrape off the surface. 

Pouring Water Over The Stains 

Most homeowners tend to pour water immediately on noticing a stain. It might be your reflex reaction, but it does more harm than good to your carpet fibres. You can sprinkle some water and blot it using a clean cloth. 

Not Hiring Certified Carpet Cleaners

You should call in a reliable carpet cleaner at least once a year to apply deep cleaning. But do your research and hire only certified carpet cleaners. 

Spooky Things Hiding Inside Your Carpets

Have you ever thought about the spooky things hiding inside your carpets? Yes, they are there, invisible and posing serious health risks to your family. 


Your carpet likely has over forty-thousand different species of bacteria, which are more than your toilet seat. Commonly found inside your carpet includes E Coli, Salmonella, and Staph. Bacteria comes to the air from the air, food and drink spills, and foot traffic. 

Dust And Dirt 

Dust and dirt pose serious health hazards, and hide inside your favourite rug. It also comes from outside, so hygiene is vital to prevent dirt from making you sick. 

Hair, Dander, and Dead Skin 

An average human being sheds millions of skin cells every day, and fleas, dust mites, and ticks feed on them. Also, pet danders run considerable risks of polluting indoor air quality. 



Dust mites are reasons for allergens inside your house. Animal hair and other debris can trigger severe allergic reactions for sensitive people and cause various health issues, including respiratory tract infections and asthma. 


Bugs feed on skin flakes and make residence inside the warmth of your carpets.

Should You Replace Carpets After Damage?

Water damages can be catastrophic, even if it’s from a bursting pipe. Replacing carpets is costly, and you should contact a water damage restoration company or moulds cleaning Brisbane for guidance. 


Usually, if your carpets have been wet for more than 72 hours, it’s best to replace them. Soaked carpets spread the growth of moulds and contaminate the air inside your home. 


  • Open windows inside flooded rooms but keep the doors closed
  • Use dehumidifiers to empty the water without circulating it
  • Use a commercial shop vacuum to clean wet carpets
  • Use sanitizing solutions to clean drywalls and kill moulds from developing behind the walls.
  • If your carpet smells terrible after cleaning, contact responsible cleaners to clean them thoroughly for a clean home. 

How To Clean Pet Urine Stains From Carpets?

Follow these simple steps to clean your carpets from pet urine. 


  • Avoid using detergents that have ammonia because it contains a pee smell. 
  • Don’t rub the stain but pour cold water and blot the surface.
  • You can use soda with water and vinegar solution for removing urine stains.
  • Grab a paper towel, and soak the blot as much as possible. You can wear cotton clothes for large surfaces and don’t forget to wear shoes. 

How To Choose An Experienced Cleaning Company?

It’s crucial to exercise your judgment before hiring carpet cleaners Brisbane. You should also:


  • Take reference from friends and relatives
  • Ask questions to your prospective cleaner
  • Consider the carpet cleaning process
  • Always choose quality over price
  • Inquire about the services the cleaning companies offer
  • Ask about the customized solutions and warranty policies
  • Check the experience, certificates, and license


Carpets are a costly investment, so it’s crucial to hire specialized agencies to do the job. A properly cleaned carpet while increasing the appeal of your home and avoiding health risks. While DIY techniques are enough for minor stains, consider hiring an experienced carpet cleaning Brisbane for tough stains and year-round maintenance of your beloved rug. 


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