Quick Fixes for Snags in Carpet

Quick Fixes for Snags in Carpet

armchair on carpet near window It’s pretty common when vacuuming to notice little snags and pulled threads in your carpet. Particularly if you have kids, animals and even certain furniture that catches on the carpet and causes damage. Not to worry though!!! If you tend to it before it gets too bad, you can avoid costly repairs. If you’re confident in not doing extra damage, follow these hints and it will be like nothing happened.

Your emergency carpet repair kits requires:

  • Sharp scissors
  • Tape – plain masking tape is good as it is easy to remove without causing more damage
  • Carpet adhesive that you can buy from a variety store like Big W or similar places
  • Hot melt glue gun and glue sticks. Places like Spotlight or other craft shops will have these
  • Weights to keep pressure while the glues and/or adhesives dry

First step is to look at the damage up close. If it’s a very small loop and there is no damage to the backing underlay, it is safe to cut the loose threads with a pair of sharp scissors. Make sure they are cut to the carpet surface or a bit below it.

If the damage is a bit more severe, you still don’t need to worry too much, it will just require a bit more effort.

Put masking tape (never packing tape or super-adhesive tapes that can cause greater damage!) around the damaged area for larger threads. This is for added protection to the surrounding edges of the damaged area. Adhesives will be used so you don’t want it to spread.

Gently dab a dot of carpet adhesive into the opening under the frayed area. Alternately you can use the hot glue gun to put the adhesive in.

Twist the carpet back into the carpet adhesive or hot glue. Press down firmly then allow the glue to dry. The glue or adhesive with have a time guide on the packaging. Set a weight of some sort on top of the  area to keep it in place. It also makes it obvious to avoid standing on by accident.

Once the recommended drying time is up, remove the tape. If there are any raised threads that still remain, trim them down with the scissors.

Avoid vacuuming over the damaged area before repair. It is also good to wait  bit longer before vacuuming after the repair, as the suction could undo all your hard work!

When you get Really Cheap Carpet Cleaning in to clean your carpets, it’s a good idea to let us know if you’ve recently had the carpet repaired so we can take extra care in that area. We are able to cater for most carpet cleaning needs in the greater Brisbane area, so why not contact us now?


Great Carpet Inventions

Great Carpet Inventions

end of lease carpet clean When we look back and how things were done 50+ years ago, it’s amazing to see how far we have evolved and changed. There are so many inventions when it comes to carpets and cleaning then, it’s almost overwhelming.

Today we are going to mention 3 of the biggest inventions regarding carpets and cleaning in history!

The first one is, of course, the Vacuum Cleaner!!! It is amazing how much simpler cleaning floors is with one. Before their invention, floors and rugs were swept vigorously to clean them. This was also quite time consuming. With the invention of the vacuum cleaner, it made cleaning a lot faster and more thorough. Particularly for people who have kids or animals. Some of the first vacuum cleaners were not electric, but more what we call carpet sweepers. Powered, electric vacuum cleaners came to be,and to this day are still evolving with technology to provide the best clean possible.

The second one is types of flooring. Way back when, most flooring was made of wood or concrete. Some of that was covered with tiles or linoleum as the years progressed. Once carpet became more common and affordable it overtook the other types of flooring, particularly in bedrooms and loungerooms. Today, there are many other types of flooring. Wood, vinyl, linoleum, cork, laminate, tiles, marble and stone are all options.

The third is steam carpet cleaning. This is what we at Really Cheap Carpet Cleaning specialise in. Steam, or water-extraction cleaning is the best way to make sure your carpet smells fresh and stays clean. This, coupled with regular vacuuming makes all the difference to the life of your carpets. It is also brilliant for getting ground-in stains out of your carpets and really deep-cleaning the fibres. If you ever need carpet cleaning Brisbane service, don’t hesitate to contact us and book in a clean.

Is Dampness and Mould Making You Ill?

Is Dampness and Mould Making You Ill?

bathroom sinkIf you live in a building that is prone to moisture issues through poor ventilation or moisture collecting under areas such as sinks and showers, then mould could potentially be making you sick! Likewise, if there is a water leak getting underneath your carpets, plumbing from refrigerators, dishwashers, washing machines, etc, then there could be harmful mould under your feet and in the air without you even realising!. Roof leaks, around windows where condensation collects, even high humidity areas of your home are also hot spots.

So, what is mould exactly?

Mould is a collection of fungus spores that release toxins into the air. There are three main types of mould – allergenic (causes allergies or issues for asthmatics), pathogenic (infectious mould, particularly bad for people with weak immune systems) and toxigenic (produces toxins/poisons).

What can these moulds do to you?

Mould can cause a wide range of symptoms that could potentially be passed off as a different illness. If these symptoms persist with no real answer, then it is worth investigating. Some symptoms are:

Muscle and joint pain

Headaches, anxiety, depression, memory loss, and visual disturbances

Immune system issues


Digestive issues

Shortness of breath/frequent asthma attacks

What does mould look like?

Mould can look like a small or large collection of grey/black spots scattered through a room, up walls, under sinks, just about anywhere that moisture has collected and not been able to be dried out properly. It can spread through the underlay of your carpet or on the backing of rugs. It is usually odourless.

The best way to avoid mould is to make sure that all wet areas such as laundries, kitchens and bathrooms are well-ventilated, and that there are no hidden leaks hidden under or behind appliances. Check for wet spots on carpeted areas near walls backing on to these wet areas as well.

Unprofessional carpet cleaning can also be a trigger for mould if the carpets aren’t cleaned properly and are left damp for too long. It is one of the reasons carpet professionals such as Really Cheap Carpet Cleaning Brisbane are the best choice. We do a thorough job to make sure this doesn’t occur.

We hope you have enjoyed reading this blog post, as always you can contact us any time to help keep your family safe and healthy.

How Does Carpet Get Laid?

How Does Carpet Get Laid?

grey nylon carpet Getting new carpet laid in your home is a big event. It can change the whole look of your home, as well as adding warmth and comfort. Once you’ve gone through the process of choosing what kind of carpet to have, and who to install it, the process of laying it starts.

For today’s article, Really Cheap Carpet Cleaning Brisbane decided to lay (see what we did there?!) the steps taken when carpet gets laid in your home.

The first step is to make sure the rooms to get carpet in are completely empty. If there is existing carpet, the installer will pull it and the old underlay up, and dispose of it. If this has already occurred at a previous time, make sure the exposed floor is clean and dry. This is very important because you don’t want underlay soaking up moisture and going mouldy from the start.

The second step is the underpay for the carpet gets put down. This is like a padding between the floor and the carpet to make it softer and  act as a noise dampener, especially if it is a two-storey house.

The third step is the carpet being laid over the underlay. The carpet would have been pre-cut into sections to compensate for doorways and different lengths. The installer will lay down little spikes around the room for the carpet to grab on to. Then the underlay will go down in sections. The sections of carpet will be laid down, trimmed to size and sections glued in place. a large tool called a kicker is used to firmly attach it to the spikes. Finally, a carpet stretcher is used to smooth it all out and keep it taut.

That’s it! You now have a beautiful new floor to enjoy! If you’ve gone to all the effort to have new carpets put down, you’ll want to make sure that it’s kept in good condition. We are available to contact anytime to help out with maintenance!



Tips for a great road trip

Tips for a great road trip

Ozzies love the outdoors and we love to drive. What better way to get around the country than in an old school combi van? This is the perfect time of year for a road trip. School holidays aren’t here yet, so there is no mad traffic on the roads. Plus its a great time of year for weather, not too hot or not too cold.

When we plan a road trip, it’s always good to use a road trip planner. It makes the journey so much easier to plan and get around this wonderful country of ours.

It’s always a good idea to pack some tinned food and cooler box full of ice. You never know when you may be stuck and not able to get back to civilization.

The rest is best left to be found and experienced by yourself. Too much planning can kill any road trip and take the excitement out of it.

Town Square Redbank Plains

Really Cheap Carpet Cleaning received a flyer from The Redbank Plains Town square.
Town Square Redbank Plains is a brand new shopping center located in the middle of Redbank Plains.