Most Effective Guide To Carpet Cleaning Services

Most Effective Guide To Carpet Cleaning Services

Undoubtedly, carpets are an essential part of comfortable living. Therefore, you should hire a premium carpet cleaning Brisbane to maintain its hygiene. In fact, you must realise that carpets are pretty expensive and require regular vacuuming to preserve the fibres and maintain their longevity. 

For instance, using a vacuum is a good idea for cleaning carpets because it removes harmful bacteria and keeps your family healthy. In fact, there are some standard methods to clean your carpets, some of which are discussed below.

Steam Cleaning 

One of the most shared methods for carpet cleaning is the use of steam. Factually, it is the most preferred as it prolongs the life of your carpets. However, you should always book knowledgeable carpet cleaning Brisbane to get the best results. During the process, a chemical is applied using a portable machine that allows the rug to bond with the soil. Then, water is permeated at high pressure using a jet. 

Dry Cleaning

Another famous method is dry cleaning. It is a good method for carpet cleaning when you need to remove excess dirt. Some people also opt for dry brushing to clean the surface that presents a shiny look to the carpet. To illustrate, a cleaning powder is used with detergent and wetting agents on the rug. Next, a machine is used to brush out the granules into the pile, and then it is vacuumed to leave behind a dry clean look. 

Bonnet Cleaning

Next on the list is the bonnet carpet cleaning. Practically, this method is excellent for surface cleaning as the process involves cleaning the top part. Specifically, it uses a heavy motorised machine with a rotating pad. 

Generally, it is common in hotels because it provides a fixed solution without causing any inconvenience to the guests. Bonneting is, however, not a permanent solution for cleaning carpets as it leaves behind residue and chemicals. 

What Should You Expect From Carpet Cleaners?

When you hire an experienced carpet cleaning Brisbane, you can expect the best results. Only the cleaning experts will give you shiny, dust-free, healthy carpets which will have outstanding durability. Also, professional carpet cleaning contractors will advise you to maintain your carpets for years to come and provide genuine customer satisfaction. You can expect the following services from your local carpet cleaners:

  • Execute best methods of carpet cleaning through their knowledgeable team. 

  • Use green chemicals and assurance that your family and pets remain safe.
  • Identify the fibre types and basic construction of different carpets, rugs, and upholstery.
  • Adhere to industry guidelines and proper cleaning procedures
  • Impeccable customer service and maintaining honesty throughout the process
  • provide free written estimates about the expected cost
  • Pay special attention to dirty spots and ensure no zero residues.
  • Help you to move furniture with exceptional care
  • Trained and licensed technicians who have passed stringent quality checks
  • Use quality stain protectors to ensure future protection. 
  • Offer 100% authentic carpet cleaning Brisbane and maintain safety protocols.

How Often Should You Disinfect Carpets?

It is essential to make your carpets shiny and healthy. So, hire an efficient carpet cleaning Brisbane company to get the best results. Particularly, it is recommended that you clean your carpets professionally after every 12-18 months, depending on various factors. 

Vacuum Your Carpet

Your carpets will thank you if you vacuum them at least once a week. In fact, it will help to remove the loose particles and prevent them from settling deeper. However, your cleaning won’t be enough and you need to call a professional at least once a year. With a professional cleaner, you’ll have a guarantee of the cleanest and healthiest carpets.

Do You Have Allergies?

Without a doubt, the fibres in your carpets are a hotbed of dust and mites. For example, it collects the pollen present in the air. Then, within a couple of months, they build around the surface. 

Only an efficient cleaning process will help to filter out these allergies and keep your home clean. Plus, it becomes doubly necessary to opt for regular professional carpet cleaning if you suffer from chronic allergies. 

The Colour of Your Carpet

The colour of your carpet plays a crucial role in determining the timing of your cleaning. Light-coloured carpets can be excellent for lighting up rooms but accumulates dust quickly. If you wish to maintain your carpet’s appearance, contacting an efficient carpet cleaning Brisbane becomes necessary. 

Covering Your Warranty

Many respected carpet manufacturers provide a cleaning warranty. In this scenario, carpet cleaning becomes necessary at least once or twice a year. Also, you need to save your receipts in case of any warranty issue. 

Do You Have Pets At Home?

a cute cat on carpet

If you share your home with four-legged buddies, then carpet cleaning becomes all the more essential. Specifically, your pets not only bring outdoor germs but contribute to it by adding urine, feces, and vomit. It gets not only unpleasant odours but stains that rot your carpet. Therefore, frequent carpet cleaning helps to neutralize the situation and remove the biological wastes. 

When You Have Children At Home

You need to be cautious when your kids are at home. To explain, kids have the habit of picking up things from the carpet and putting them straight in their mouths. Moreover, spills and splatters are familiar to kids in the house. Thankfully, a regular cleaning from a professional carpet cleaning Brisbane ensures an eco-friendly atmosphere at home. 

How To Choose A Professional Cleaning Agent?

Choosing a quality carpet cleaning service is essential to maintain the value of your prized possession. In fact, there are many issues to ponder when picking a cleaner. For instance, you’ll need to consider pricing, service area, and professional attitude. Particularly, an experienced carpet cleaning Brisbane should go beyond the address book and deliver results with compassion. 

Kind Of Cleaning

Carpet cleaning is highly personalized and varies according to the homeowner’s needs. Also, the type of carpet cleaning you pick will change the cost of the service. Some specialized agents offer dry cleaning while others bank on steam. So, if you haven’t cleaned your carpets for long, then opt for steam cleaning. But if you want a speck of specific dirt removed, go for the dry one. 

Check the Rulebook

Essentially, it is critical to do your research while selecting a carpet cleaner. For example, check for the references, licenses, and certificates of the company before hiring them. Most respected companies in the locality will happily supply you with the required documents. In fact, they will include a portfolio of their work as an attestation. 

Choose the Most Trusted Quality

Professional carpet cleaning Brisbane employs green methods to clean dust. The type of liquid used during the cleaning process should ensure your family and pets’ proper safety. So, while researching your company, go for the ones that offer greener options. 

Experience and Warranty Options 

Finding the right carpet cleaner takes a lot of practice. Absolutely, don’t just rely on the internet to select your cleaner. Specifically, ask your neighbours whether they have recently employed carpet cleaners and how the job was performed. In essence, experienced cleaners use modern tools to wash off debris and provide a backup warranty policy to cover any loss. 

Check The Local Rates

Always ask for proper estimates while employing a cleaner. As a rule, a respected company will happily supply detailed figures for a particular project. So, check it with your local rates and match the result. Sometimes lower-end contractors offer better cleaning than high-end national cleaning. When can you get the best from local agents? Why go somewhere else?

What Is Bond Carpet Cleaning?

Bond carpet cleaning is known as the end of lease cleaning or exit cleaning. In fact, it is required by law when you lease a property in Australia to get back your deposit money after a lease is over. With this, a professional carpet bond cleaning service delivers 100% authentic results and ensures proper inspection. 

Always choose an expert bond carpet cleaning Brisbane for getting the best job. Generally, moving homes in Australia can be frustrating, especially when running an end of the lease agreement. Being a tenant, you must make the rental property sparkling clean before moving out. Well, if you wish to secure your agreement amount, you would need to do a lot of hard work. Let’s check some bond cleaning guides that would make the process simpler for first-timers. 

Prepare Before Moving Out

It is vital to confirm that you have all the cleaning tools ready before jumping on the process. Specifically, the following items are a must-have on your checklist.

  • Vacuum cleaner
  • Brooms and brush
  • Sponges, cloth, and rags
  • Paper towels 
  • Magic eraser
  • White vinegar and baking soda
  • Cleaning gloves and ladder

As a note, it is always best to use chemical-free cleaners that are safe for your family. When you hire an expert carpet cleaning Brisbane, they carry the custom-cleaning list that satisfies the fussiest landlords. So, you should also pay special attention to some critical areas like the garage, attic, basement, balcony, and patio. 

Begin From The Top

As a rule, it is always prudent to start your cleaning process from the top of your home. It includes the high-spots like the attic, ceilings, light fixtures, fans, AC ducts, windows, and air filters. Essentially, most professionals recommend a top-down cleaning method that spruces up the entire home. 

Get Rid Of Dirt And Grime

Specifically, you need to remove the tough grime and grease before your landlord checks the property. You can use homemade products to remove the tough stains and get a clean surface. For instance, baking soda is an eco-friendly product that will give you the best results without harming the environment. Here’s how to go about it:

  • Make a thick adhesive using baking soda and water.
  • Scrub the areas gently. 
  • Rub gently and leave for a couple of hours
  • Wash off with hot water
  • Repeated the entire process twice or thrice to get excellent results

Clean The Appliances

Don’t forget to clean stains from the kitchen and heavy appliances at your home. To illustrate, wipe down the entire thing using a moist cloth and use a chemical-free substance for protecting your food. While cleaning the refrigerator, remove all food before the process and use baking soda with vinegar. Clean your microwave with vinegar and water while removing any foul smell. 

Hire A Professional Agent

While you can take care of the small tasks, hiring a professional bond carpet cleaning Brisbane will get the job done faster. Particularly, an experienced cleaning contractor will:

  • Clean windows and sanitize doorknobs, drawer pulls, and closet handles
  • Remove rubble from the property before the final inspection.
  • Vacuum carpets using modern tools to remove dust particles

How Much Will End Of Lease Carpet Cleaning Cost?

Roughly, an end-of-lease carpet cleaning costs anywhere between $150-$250. However, it depends on many factors such as:

  • The number of rooms in your home
  • Total number of bathrooms
  • Any previous cleaning is done on the property.
  • Location of your property
  • Any extra cleaning tasks are required. 
  • Time of cleaning 
  • A requirement of any urgent cleaning

If you are ending the lease agreement and don’t clean before you move out, the landlord will most certainly deduct a percentage from your bond amount. Therefore, you must check the contract paper properly before moving out of your leased home. If you are unsure what’s included, talk to your landlord. Most importantly, always hire a professional carpet cleaning Brisbane to do the job for you. 

Why Do You Need Professional Carpet Cleaning?

Professional carpet cleaning

In general, many businesses or homeowners don’t realize the benefits of professional carpet cleaning. For example, it becomes crucial if you are living on leased property. So, you need to ensure the cleaning of the entire property to get your surety amount back from the landlord. 

As a note, experienced service like the Really Cheap Carpet Cleaning Brisbane can offer the best solutions. Absolutely, they will ensure removing harmful debris from the surface and making your carpets shine. Specifically, professional carpet cleaning leaves the following amazing benefits:

  • Deep cleaning extends your carpets’ life because it removes dust, allergy, and pollen stuck inside the fibre.
  • It ensures that your room looks bright by removing dust and debris from carpets. 
  • Professional cleaning helps maintain a healthy environment and keep your family safe from pollen.
  • Eradicates any residue left by rental cleaners and offer a permanent solution
  • Removes soiling from high-risk zones and gives an overall clean feel
  • It is more efficient than a DIY job.
  •  A professional cleaner comes with excellent warranty options and ensures a regular clean 

Cleaning your carpets is a must for homeowners with a pet or children. Always go for regular maintenance programs as it will save you money. Most importantly, choose the most efficient carpet cleaning Brisbane, which will ensure that the job is completed without any problem. 

Practically, the best way to look for the best carpet cleaning company in Brisbane is to check customer reviews. For instance, you can see the customer testimonials for the highly recommended Really Cheap Carpet Cleaning. Not only are they carpet cleaning specialists, but also are pest control experts.

Midweek Discount to Give A Boost

Midweek Discount to Give A Boost

 The mornings are starting to get quite chilly here in Brisbane, despite our common comfortable daytime temperatures. It’s especially hard to convince your feet to hit the floor getting up in the morning! You can imagine if your bedroom had tiles or wooden boards that it would be quite a shock to your system. Everybody has their own preferences, but at this time of year, carpets are definitely the nicest option.

For today post we decided to do a little discount, we haven’t had one for a while! All you need to do when you book Really Cheap Carpet Cleaning is to mention today’s post for 10% off your carpet cleaning service. Imagine how much better it will be for your feet to find fresh, fluffy carpet first thing in the morning! Contact us now to secure your spot!

Household Products That Remove Stains

Household Products That Remove Stains

wine being poured We often hear old wives’ tales about things were done or used in cleaning processes. Some of them you hear and think “ahh, no way”. Others you think “that’s so crazy it just might work”. Today’s piece of interesting information from Really Cheap Carpet Cleaning is common household products that are great for using on your carpets, as well as their intended use.

Carpet Cleaning Hints

  1. Vinegar – ah, our loyal friend, vinegar. Not only does it make a great salad dressing base, it is a great liquid for assisting in the removal of most light carpet stains.
  2. Baking soda – also known more for it’s abilities in cooking rather than cleaning. Baking soda, also known as bicarbonate of soda, is another great assistant in removing stains. It is also great for absorbing odours in furniture and mattresses.
  3. Cloudy Ammonia – is great for mopping floors clean with no residue, but also great at alkalising stains and breaking them down for removal.
  4. Baby wipes – ask any mum, and they’ll tell you that baby wipes can clean pretty much anything! A cleaning super-power in a small cloth. Great for blotting out stains or mopping up small spills.
  5. Salt – when mixed with rubbing alcohol, it can help clean up greasy or oily stains.
  6. Borax – commonly used as a laundry booster, as well as pest control. You need to be a bit careful using this one, as it can cause irritation with prolonged skin contact.
  7. Shampoo – yes, the sort you generally use on your hair. Just like they clean and degrease your hair, shampoo can also do the same for spot-cleaning your carpets.

That’s all for now. While these common household products can help in removing stains that are fresh, if you have large areas of carpet that need cleaning or tough stains, then you’re better off employing a professional cleaning company such as Really Cheap Carpet Cleaning Brisbane’s services. Get in contact with us any time to chat about how we can help.

Quick Fixes for Snags in Carpet

Quick Fixes for Snags in Carpet

armchair on carpet near window It’s pretty common when vacuuming to notice little snags and pulled threads in your carpet. Particularly if you have kids, animals and even certain furniture that catches on the carpet and causes damage. Not to worry though!!! If you tend to it before it gets too bad, you can avoid costly repairs. If you’re confident in not doing extra damage, follow these hints and it will be like nothing happened.

Your emergency carpet repair kits requires:

  • Sharp scissors
  • Tape – plain masking tape is good as it is easy to remove without causing more damage
  • Carpet adhesive that you can buy from a variety store like Big W or similar places
  • Hot melt glue gun and glue sticks. Places like Spotlight or other craft shops will have these
  • Weights to keep pressure while the glues and/or adhesives dry

First step is to look at the damage up close. If it’s a very small loop and there is no damage to the backing underlay, it is safe to cut the loose threads with a pair of sharp scissors. Make sure they are cut to the carpet surface or a bit below it.

If the damage is a bit more severe, you still don’t need to worry too much, it will just require a bit more effort.

Put masking tape (never packing tape or super-adhesive tapes that can cause greater damage!) around the damaged area for larger threads. This is for added protection to the surrounding edges of the damaged area. Adhesives will be used so you don’t want it to spread.

Gently dab a dot of carpet adhesive into the opening under the frayed area. Alternately you can use the hot glue gun to put the adhesive in.

Twist the carpet back into the carpet adhesive or hot glue. Press down firmly then allow the glue to dry. The glue or adhesive with have a time guide on the packaging. Set a weight of some sort on top of the  area to keep it in place. It also makes it obvious to avoid standing on by accident.

Once the recommended drying time is up, remove the tape. If there are any raised threads that still remain, trim them down with the scissors.

Avoid vacuuming over the damaged area before repair. It is also good to wait  bit longer before vacuuming after the repair, as the suction could undo all your hard work!

When you get Really Cheap Carpet Cleaning in to clean your carpets, it’s a good idea to let us know if you’ve recently had the carpet repaired so we can take extra care in that area. We are able to cater for most carpet cleaning needs in the greater Brisbane area, so why not contact us now?


Great Carpet Inventions

Great Carpet Inventions

end of lease carpet clean When we look back and how things were done 50+ years ago, it’s amazing to see how far we have evolved and changed. There are so many inventions when it comes to carpets and cleaning then, it’s almost overwhelming.

Today we are going to mention 3 of the biggest inventions regarding carpets and cleaning in history!

The first one is, of course, the Vacuum Cleaner!!! It is amazing how much simpler cleaning floors is with one. Before their invention, floors and rugs were swept vigorously to clean them. This was also quite time consuming. With the invention of the vacuum cleaner, it made cleaning a lot faster and more thorough. Particularly for people who have kids or animals. Some of the first vacuum cleaners were not electric, but more what we call carpet sweepers. Powered, electric vacuum cleaners came to be,and to this day are still evolving with technology to provide the best clean possible.

The second one is types of flooring. Way back when, most flooring was made of wood or concrete. Some of that was covered with tiles or linoleum as the years progressed. Once carpet became more common and affordable it overtook the other types of flooring, particularly in bedrooms and loungerooms. Today, there are many other types of flooring. Wood, vinyl, linoleum, cork, laminate, tiles, marble and stone are all options.

The third is steam carpet cleaning. This is what we at Really Cheap Carpet Cleaning specialise in. Steam, or water-extraction cleaning is the best way to make sure your carpet smells fresh and stays clean. This, coupled with regular vacuuming makes all the difference to the life of your carpets. It is also brilliant for getting ground-in stains out of your carpets and really deep-cleaning the fibres. If you ever need carpet cleaning Brisbane service, don’t hesitate to contact us and book in a clean.

Midweek Savings – Carpet Cleaning Brisbane

Midweek Savings – Carpet Cleaning Brisbane

carpet cleaners brisbane Hands up if you’ve hit the midweek slump? The mornings are darker, the air is colder first thing in the morning. There’s nothing like your feet hitting plush, clean carpet when you first get up. If that is not the case and you’d like to experience it, Really Cheap Carpet Cleaning are offering a midweek discount of 10% for people in Brisbane who want fresh clean carpets to warm their feet this coming winter. All you have to do is contact us using the phone or contact form in the link above and we will sort the rest for you! We already have the best rates in Brisbane, why not save a little bit more?

10% Off Monday Madness

10% Off Monday Madness

 What better way to start a Monday off than with a discount from the best carpet cleaning team in Brisbane? Really Cheap Carpet Cleaning is giving 10% off any service we offer that is booked in today. So if you’ve been putting off getting the carpets or rugs cleaned, some pest control done or even getting your couches or tiles cleaned, why not lock it in now!

Getting your floor rugs cleaned regularly can massively improve their appearance. While regular vacuuming can keep the surface dust & debris free, getting the whole rug thoroughly cleaned will invigorate the fibres and brighten them. This will also help prevent the signs of wear and tear appearing as quickly.

With upholstery, you spend a lot of time sitting or laying on it. Couches and chairs are usually the central piece of furniture for family time. Even with regular vacuuming, bacteria can still live in the fabric. As well as all the deep-down dirt and crumbs that inevitably build up behind the cushions, sticky fingers and hidden spills that make the fabric a breeding ground for it.

The last reason is bugs and allergens. Vacuum cleaners do a good everyday job, but to sanitise and eradicate them, regular cleaning is the key. Contact us now to book in your next cleaning service.

Friday Fun

Friday Fun

 Another Friday has come around again, scary to think a quarter of 2018 is over already! Where is the time going? While Really Cheap Carpet Cleaning are working their way over Brisbane this weekend, we hope you all have a happy and safe weekend with your friends and/or loved ones. We’ve got some really good deals happening at the moment, why not hop over to our carpet cleaning Brisbane page to see what we can offer you?

Animal Urine On The Carpet

Animal Urine On The Carpet

Carpet Cleaning Brisbane There are a few reasons why an animal, particularly a cat, may urinate on your carpets. Fear, marking their territory, feeling threatened or illness are just a few of them. Either way, it’s something that needs to be acted on quickly to discourage your pet from doing it again.

So, what do you do? The drastic option is ripping them up and purchasing new carpet to be laid.  The other option is you could call Dale or Colin over at Really Cheap Carpet Cleaning Brisbane. These guys are the experts in getting stains and odours out of your carpets.

But you know, we love to save you money. So here are several tips to try get rid of that smell yourself.

  1. Vinegar and Baking Soda, is probably the most common way if the urine has just happened. Sprinkle generous amounts of the baking soda into the carpet and brush it in. Next drizzle the vinegar over and sit back and relax for 10-15 minutes. Flush with Water and dry using some absorbent towels.
  2. Store bought products are always an option. Just please make sure it is gentle on your carpets, and as always try on a hidden piece of carpet to make sure it is safe to use, and doesn’t bleach or degrade the carpet in any way.
  3. Cornstarch. Grab a good amount of cornstarch and apply it directly onto the urine stain .Let the starch settle for around 30 minutes and then rinse with water. Using a cloth towel or paper towels, press firmly to absorb any remaining water. Simple!!
  4. After cleaning, spray citrus oil around the area. Dogs and cats dislike the smell and will generally avoid the area.
  5. Bonus Method. Give the carpet cleaning brisbane team a call and save the hassle 🙂 Send us a message through here and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible. Otherwise, give us a call directly on 0450 489 150 and we’ll sort you out!

Massive Discount On Carpet Cleaning Brisbane

Massive Discount On Carpet Cleaning Brisbane

 For today only (20th April 2018) when you book in for a full carpet cleaning Brisbane service, you will receive a 15% discount!!! As always, if you book pest control at the same time, you’ll get 50% off the regular pest control price. There are big savings to be had and this won’t be repeated for a while! Contact us now or phone 0450 489 150 to get your spot!