How to Keep Your Carpets Clean At Home

Do you use carpets at home? Are you tired of manually cleaning our carpets? Carpets add a layer of beauty and comfort to your home. Carpet provides a lovely softness while walking barefoot; that cushy comfort turns a house into a home. Also, carpets keep your feet warm at the time of winter. 

Modern houses are adopting the usage of tile, marbles, and timbers in flooring. Even on such floors, the use of carpet is not decreasing, as carpets add an extra layer of colours and comforts, which everyone appreciates. 

A carefully chosen carpet can change the overall ambience of your living room and seating area. Rugs are also used to hide the damages and cracks in old flooring. If you are in Australia, you can notice almost every house has carpets somewhere in the house. But keeping the carpets clean is a challenge for most homeowners around the world.

Reasons Why Keeping The Carpets Clean Is Necessary

Keeping the carpets clean is a challenging task, but here are some crucial reasons why you must do it;

  • Dirty carpets can destroy the looks of a well-decorated room. 
  • Carpets and rugs with dirt often smell awful, which is not suitable for an indoor environment. 
  • Dirty carpets are prone to hold on to dust particles. The dust particles also contain various bacterias and viruses.
  • If you have pets, their stranded hairs can stick on the carpets. With lots of human/pet hairs in the carpet, it is more prone to contain dust and bacteria. 
  • If you have kids at home, you must maintain a healthy environment inside for the kids’ health. While carpet is one of the most dust-prone objects at your home, cleaning becomes a necessity. 
  • Good quality carpets are generally costly; if you do not keep them clean from stains and dust, longevity will affect.

Best Ways of Cleaning The Carpets At Home

Carpet cleaning is a hectic job, and you must seek professional help for that. But, if you want to keep your carpets clean all the time, there are a couple of steps you must take.

Choose Your Carpets Wisely

You can choose any carpet for your living room, but buying the right one is beneficial in the long term. There are many fancy-looking carpets out there that are not ideal for indoor usage. Especially if you have pets at your home, or have kids, then the rugs are more prone to be dirty. For areas with the most footfalls, nylon carpets are a good choice. The lounge area and living room carpets usually face the highest traffic, and nylon rugs are perfect for these places. 

Nylon carpets are very long-lasting and also very easy to clean. Nylon carpets also hide stains naturally, while polyester carpets are usually stained easily. But for bedroom purposes, polyester carpets are better in terms of both looks and comfort. 

Use Vacuum Cleaner Regularly

Vacuum cleaning is an effective solution against dust. A powerful vacuum cleaner can clear any hiding dust under the deeper fibres of the carpet. If you let the dust clog under the threads, the fibre quality will gradually deteriorate. Due to the dust, the colour will also fade up slowly. So using a vacuum cleaner on the carpet is a must every week.

Also, keep in mind, it is harmful to the threads if you use vacuum cleaners too much. The threads would loosen up with the vacuum pull and get sucked in the cleaner with overuse. So, use a vacuum cleaner on the carpets once or twice a week max, not more than that. 

Avoid Chemical Cleaners

When we don’t consider using harsh chemicals in the drainage, which can pollute the waterways, how can we consider using them on the carpet? If you have children or pets at home, using harsh chemicals on the carpets and rugs is a terrible idea. Avoid any kind of synthetic cleaners at home if you have pets. Synthetic cleaners are not only harsh for skin but damage the carpet fibres also. Instead, use white vinegar and bi-carb soda to remove hard stains. 

Use Rugs For High Traffic Areas

You might have noticed some homes do not have carpets on walkways. Though modern carpets are very durable, nothing lasts forever. Especially if the carpet is being used rigorously, it will shorten the lifespan. Instead, use rugs or mats in such high-traffic areas. If you have a carpeted floor, put a mat or rug above the carpet to protect it. It is cheaper to replace a rug than an entire floor carpet.

Do Not Use Shoes Indoors

Make a strict rule of using no shoes inside the house. This way, you not only keep your carpets cleaner, but you can put all the dirt and germs off your shoes outside. You must follow the rule even when a guest comes in. You can use some slippers inside the home; you must not use those slippers outdoors. You can see the trend of putting shoes outside in Asian countries commonly. There is no harm in following a healthy trend. Keeping shoes outside or in a specified place can keep the carpets away from dust, mud, and germs. 

Keep The Dirt Outside

Any work which can produce dirt, just bring them outdoors. Like furniture works, DIY projects, cleaning your bike, just doing such jobs outdoors. If the weather is an issue, use a specific room to do such work. You can use your garage, as no one uses carpets there. Do not bring bicycles or bikes indoors, as they might contain soil, mud, sand, germs, and oily grim on the wheels. Also, make sure you do any carpenter job or metal cutting job outdoors or in the shed/garage. 

Remove Stains Quickly

If you have carpeted floors, it is obvious you would face stain problems on the carpet. After you spotted a spill on the floor, do not waste a minute. The more you give the stain time, the more difficult it becomes. Some everyday spills can cause stains on the carpet very quickly. Some examples are Red wine Stains, Coffee Stains, Food Stains, Gum Stuck, Pet Stains, Bloodstains, etc. 

Use Lint Roller To Clean The Carpet

Your domestic vacuum cleaner might not be powerful enough to handle the crud, crumbs, and hair. In such a case, using a Lint Roller is an excellent idea. Especially if you are fascinated about using long threaded carpets, it becomes more challenging to clean them.

You can simply purchase a lint roller, which is relatively cheap. Just give 5 minutes to each carpet elbow grease them with the roller. 

Clean The Pet Hairs With A Squeegee

Pet hairs are the most notorious dirt particles in your home. It is time-consuming cleaning pet hairs from the carpets. Most vacuum cleaners might not be able to clean 100% pet hairs from carpets. 

Lint Roller can help you with pet hairs to an extent, but not the best solution. While using a Squeegee, you can clean all the pet hairs hiding in the carpets. You can use the squeegee and you can clean pet hairs from the sofa or mattress as well. Put a little effort with the squeegee whenever you have time to keep your carpets free from pet hairs. 

Use Iron To Remove Stains

You can try to clean a problematic stain from your carpet using iron in just three steps;

First, vacuum the stained area and get rid of any hard dirt particles.

Second, pour some mixture of water and vinegar into the stained place. The ratio should be 3:1. Give the mix five minutes to settle down and start the reaction.

Three put a fresh white towel in the stained area and put a heated iron on it. Now put some pressure on the iron. The stress and the heat will cause the stain to be transferred on the towel from the carpet. Then you can wash the towel with detergent. 

Use Baking Soda To Remove Oily Stains

Oily stains are most challenging to clean. If you face an oily stain on your beautiful carpet, you need to extract the oil from the stain to clean it. Make a mix of hot water and baking soda, and pour it into the targeted place. Use an ample quantity of mixture because you may not know how strong the oil is. Give it some time to dry off, and then you can see some sort of dry crust in a stained place. Then use a squeegee and vacuum cleaner to clean the crust. Now the oil is gone, but some of the stains might still be there. To remove that, use hot water & vinegar mixtures with iron, as we discussed above. 

Remove Stains of Pet Accidents

Pets can accidentally pee or poop on the carpets. It can cause smell and stain both. To remove the stains and odour, use baking soda with water to get rid of stains. Also, baking soda will help you to reduce the smell of pee or poop significantly.

Remove Nail Polish Stains With Alcohol Or Sanitizer

Alcohol and Sanitizer are excellent at cleaning oily and fatty dirt stains. If you accidentally spilled some nail polish or other kind of paint on the carpet, do not act quickly. Let the stain dry first, use a lot of alcohol to clean on the stain, and become soaked. When appropriately soaked, use a paper towel to rub off the stain. You can use a strong sanitiser in place of alcohol. 

Use Shaving Cream To Clean Normal Dirt Stains

Due to high traffic, carpets can accumulate lots of dirt. Continuous dirt accumulation can cause yellowish or brownish dirt patches on the carpet. Even mud can cause dark brownish patches on the carpet, which may look awful. 

Use shaving cream instead of using any other stain remover chemical. Shaving cream will clean the dirt patches and not harm the threads of the carpet itself. Apply shaving cream liberally and add some drops of water; then rub properly to see the result yourself. 

Remove Gum Using Ice

Gum is not a good thing on any type of carpets or rugs, or mats. Sometimes it may seem impossible to remove gum from the carpet without cutting out the fibres. Gum gets attached to the carpet very easily and quickly and becomes a sticky problem. But with kids at home, you might end up with gum sticking on your lovely carpet any day. Do not worry, and try the best household process you can use. 

To remove gum from the carpet, you need to harden it, and you can use ice to do that. Put an ice cube on the gum stain for a minute and wait. When the gum is hardened, use a blunt tool to scrape it off with minimum damage to the carpet.

Call A Professional Cleaner At Least Once Annually

You can regularly use a vacuum cleaner and maintain all other precautions to keep your carpets clean. Then also, you need professional help once or twice a year. Most domestic vacuum cleaners are not powerful enough to clean dirty rugs. But, professional carpet cleaners use an industrial vacuum cleaner, which provides the best dust pulling on heavy rugs & carpets. 

Also, the expert would use a good quality deodoriser to make the carpets smell free. With the usage of proper chemicals, they can condition the rug fibres just like new ones. A professional carpet cleaning service is more reliable as they have adequate training and equipment. You must call for expert carpet cleaning help before or after a social gathering at your home. If you have an entirely carpeted floor in your house, consider professional cleaning after every two months.

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