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Midweek Discount to Give A Boost

Midweek Discount to Give A Boost  The mornings are starting to get quite chilly here in Brisbane, despite our common comfortable daytime temperatures. It’s especially hard to convince your feet to hit the floor getting up in the morning! You can imagine if your bedroom had tiles or wooden boards that it would be quite […]

How To Estimate Areas For Cleaning

How To Estimate Areas For Cleaning  When requesting carpets to be cleaned, you will be asked how many “areas” are to be cleaned. It is good to know that an area can be different to a rooms. When calculating the amount to be cleaned, this is a rough guide to areas. This can vary from […]

Quick Fixes for Snags in Carpet

Quick Fixes for Snags in Carpet  It’s pretty common when vacuuming to notice little snags and pulled threads in your carpet. Particularly if you have kids, animals and even certain furniture that catches on the carpet and causes damage. Not to worry though!!! If you tend to it before it gets too bad, you can […]

Tips For Staying Warm Over Winter

Tips For Staying Warm Over Winter Winter in Australia can be quite harsh in some places, and quite mild in others. Even in Brisbane, some mornings or nights can be quite frosty. Either way, the change in temperature can leave everyone feeling that they’d like to keep warmer. Having plush carpets or rugs through out […]

Great Carpet Inventions

Great Carpet Inventions  When we look back and how things were done 50+ years ago, it’s amazing to see how far we have evolved and changed. There are so many inventions when it comes to carpets and cleaning then, it’s almost overwhelming. Today we are going to mention 3 of the biggest inventions regarding carpets […]

It’s International Star Wars Day!

It’s International Star Wars Day!  To add a bit of light-heartedness to your Friday, we have discovered that today is International Star Wars Day!! So May the Fourth be with you, and if the force thinks you need your carpets cleaned, we’ll be here for you! Not even Darth Vader can stop us going out […]

Midweek Savings – Carpet Cleaning Brisbane

Midweek Savings – Carpet Cleaning Brisbane  Hands up if you’ve hit the midweek slump? The mornings are darker, the air is colder first thing in the morning. There’s nothing like your feet hitting plush, clean carpet when you first get up. If that is not the case and you’d like to experience it, Really Cheap […]

10% Off Monday Madness

10% Off Monday Madness  What better way to start a Monday off than with a discount from the best carpet cleaning team in Brisbane? Really Cheap Carpet Cleaning is giving 10% off any service we offer that is booked in today. So if you’ve been putting off getting the carpets or rugs cleaned, some pest […]

Friday Fun

Friday Fun  Another Friday has come around again, scary to think a quarter of 2018 is over already! Where is the time going? While Really Cheap Carpet Cleaning are working their way over Brisbane this weekend, we hope you all have a happy and safe weekend with your friends and/or loved ones. We’ve got some […]