5 Really Bad Stains On Your Carpet….

Really Cheap Carpet Cleaning Brisbane Can Get Rid of Them All!

coffee splashing out of cupThere are many things that can make marks and leave residue on your carpets. Some are worse than others though. Not to worry, Really Cheap Carpet Cleaning Brisbane can get rid of all of them! When these stains happen, the best thing you can do is try remove as much of them ASAP while they are fresh. Sometimes though, the best people to contact is us!

The 5 worst things that will stain your carpet

Vomit, Urine and Excrement is probably the most offensive (to your nose) thing that will stain your carpets. Vomit, urine and faeces from a human or animal not only stain and soak in to the carpet, but the odour is awful. It is vital to try and clean up as much of this as you can at the time it happens. If the urine is from an animal, it is even more important, as the animal will keep returning to that spot if not removed thoroughly. This is the one type of stain that will most likely require a deep clean to remove all traces.

Blood can be tricky as it absorbs into the carpet quickly and leaves a dark-coloured stain. This is especially noticeable on pale carpet. After you have taken care of where the blood originally came from, you should get to this one quickly while it is still fresh. a mix of detergent and water and blotting should get rid of the worst of it.

Coffee can leave a permanent dark/yellowish stain and because it is liquid, can spread quite far. Mop up as much as possible. You can use vinegar and water to dilute it and help lift the stain.

Cordial/Wine/Juice won’t only stain your carpet and discolour it, but will leave a sticky residue. If you can get to it quick, water and blotting up the liquid should get rid of the worst of it, but this is another one that could need our particular stain-removing formula.

Now we’ve covered the worst things you can spill on your carpet. If you ever feel that it’s a job best left to the professionals, don’t hesistate to give the Really Cheap Carpet Cleaning Brisbane team a call!

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