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Really Cheap Carpet Cleaning now offers awesome deals on pest control when booking carpet cleaning
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 Really Cheap Carpet Cleaning Brisbane offers the cheapest carpet cleaning service in the metro.  We  provide experienced and reliable technicians to take care of your valuble carpets. So, you have the guarantee to get the best possible service and value for your money! 

We are offering amazing discounted packages for our clients who live nearby. Our office address is Midwood St, Wishart Queensland, Zip Code: 4122, Australia. Or you can also check out our Google  Business Profile anytime for over 100 5 star reviews.. 

Most importantly, you can get the best quality carpet cleaning service that Brisbane can offer. Contact us now!

Really Cheap Carpet Cleaning consists of expert carpet cleaners with top training and long years of experience. Absolutely, our carpet cleaners know what to do when it comes to professional carpet cleaning. In fact, we use only the safest yet most effective methods to clean your carpets. We comply with Australian carpet cleaning standards.

Essentially, we provide professional cleaning service for your carpets, rugs, mattress, and upholstery. Contact us now for your free quote and to book!Brisbane








Clients say

If you want your carpets cleaned beautifully in your home or office. Then it is always best to leave it to the professionals. However, please be careful in choosing a carpet cleaning company. Remember that using the wrong carpet cleaning company can be a huge nightmare. In fact, some methods can often do more harm than good with your precious carpets.

Thankfully, you no longer need to worry about your carpet cleaning needs. Really Cheap Carpet Cleaning has been providing quality carpet cleaning for many years. Therefore, you can now have peace of mind – with the assurance that only the real cleaning experts touch your precious carpets.

Our Expert Carpet Cleaners Brisbane Specialties

In general, we specialise in carpet steam cleaning solutions and stain removal. On a variety of surfaces from floor carpets to lounge suites and mattresses. We work with all types of business and residential homes. Meaning, it does not matter if you need us in your home or business. We will get the job done well and to the highest possible standards, guaranteed.

You may be fooled into thinking that a professional cleaning service for your carpets has to be an expensive endeavour. Absolutely, we are sure that you will be pleasantly surprised at how cheap we are at Really Cheap Carpet Cleaning Brisbane.

Child friendly pet friendly

Do you want the best professional carpet cleaning service? Then call us today as we only use the best Australian-made and owned products available. Our Carpet Cleaning solution, Upholstery Cleaning, Rug cleaning, and mattress cleaning products are child and pet-friendly. Our products leave no residues that will harm your family. Also, we use hot water extraction techniques while performing rug cleaning or carpet cleaning service. 

Exposure to indoor air pollutants such as smoke, dust, pet dander, moulds, and other pollutants. Commonly, found in carpeting and upholstery. Can pose health risks and contribute to respiratory disease, allergies and asthma. So, don’t delay and book in your local cleaning experts today!

Why Take A Risk When You Can Hire Professional Carpet Cleaners?

In essence, with so many bacteria and germs floating about these days. It is essential to protect your children and family as much as possible. With our carpet cleaning service, you get the guarantee of expert cleaning and the best results. All of the cleaning chemicals we use are baby and pet-friendly. Absolutely, there is nothing to worry about!

The accumulation of dirt and stains in your carpet, rugs, mattresses, and upholstery can pose health problems. Specifically, the growth of germs, mould, and allergens over time is dangerous to humans and pets. Hence, you should never skip a regular carpet cleaning.

Some people are content with their DIY cleaning. However, DIY cleaning is never completely effective for the removal of dirt and stains. Oftentimes, it will even cause more trouble if you the wrong cleaning methods. To explain, carpets or rugs have different materials and will react to the cleaning process differently. Therefore, you should not apply anything unless you know what you are doing.
As a rule, it is always wise to ask professionals like us at Really Cheap Carpet Cleaning for your carpet cleaning needs. In fact, you should leave this job to the expert cleaners to save your precious carpets, rugs, or upholstery. Talk to us now to get the right solutions!

Are those stains on your carpet permanent? Call our expert cleaners!

That is an excellent question and one that a lot of people ask ALL the time. The answer is dependent on how long has the stain been on your carpet. As a note, you should get professional cleaning treatment while the stain is still fresh on your rugs or carpets. The longer a stain sits, the harder it is to get rid of.

When a liquid changes color or chemical composition, it leaves a stain. The liquid then soaks down into the underlay and carpet padding. When red wine is accidentally spilled on a prized carpet. You will be familiar with the difficulty of removing this sort of stain. Your carpet can also get stained by coffee, red cordial, blood, and ink. It’s important to clean carpets thoroughly before they stain permanently.

Thankfully, our team at Really Cheap Carpet Cleaning are experts in stain removal.

Top -Rated Cleaning Specialists: Friendly and Professional Services

In essence, our Really Cheap Carpet Cleaning specialists are ready for all your carpet cleaning needs. We have been servicing for many years with excellent customer reviews. In fact, we continue thriving in the business with repeat satisfied customers.

Being top-rated in the professional cleaning industry is difficult to sustain without our hardworking and expert cleaners. As a note, we don’t just make sure that we provide what you pay for with excellence. But we also work to leave a great customer experience. Therefore, we provide services with the utmost care and professionalism.

Besides, we also ensure to engage you in the whole cleaning process. We make sure that everything goes smoothly and hassle-free until we finish the job. Absolutely, we guarantee affordability, quality, and safety in doing our job! Call us today for your enquiries!

Tired of a Dirty Carpet? Request a visit from our team by calling us today!

With many years of experience in state-of-the-art carpet cleaning. We are the go-to carpet cleaning company. To provide you with the carpet cleaning service available. We are one of the biggest professional cleaning companies that provide services. However, we are still small enough that every customer is treated like royalty. Today, we know that our success as the cheapest carpet cleaning provider. Will ensure that not only do you pay as little as possible for our carpet cleaning service. But that you also get the most professional carpet clean possible.

We Put Our Customers First!

Really Cheap Carpet Cleaning has been around for many years because of our customer-centered services. Particularly, we value your thoughts and opinions in providing the best service all the time! In fact, this is what our loyal customers like about us – we care about your positive experience. 

So, you can entrust your carpets to our expert cleaners . Let’s get your carpets back into excellent shape with the professional carpet cleaning service that we provide. Simply call us today for a free quote, and don’t forget we do pest control as well. We provide solutions to any pest infestation. Talk to us today for pest solutions.

If you live nearby and require carpet cleaning? Well…..Get in touch, and we can get a carpet cleaner over to you ASAP.

Why is Steam Cleaning Better Than Dry Cleaning?

When Really Cheap Carpet Cleaning has explored and tested a number of carpet cleaning methods. Undoubtedly, nobody can argue that steam cleaning is better than any other cleaning approach. Yes, not even the carpet dry cleaning method can surpass its many benefits.

To explain, many home and business owners prefer carpet steam cleaning for a number of amazing reasons. Primarily, this method has long-lasting results. Particularly, it does deep cleaning to remove the most stubborn dirt and stains on your carpet. Therefore, you can restore the cleanest and freshest condition of your rugs, carpets, mattresses, and upholstery.

Get The Right Advice from Skilled Cleaners

When you want to get your carpets cleaned, you will find that most companies boast about their techniques and equipment. This makes it very hard to choose the correct cleaning method. Be aware of any professional advice, especially if they have only one carpet cleaning service option available for you. Get some accurate information by having a look at the various sources of information available to you. Or try talking with a carpet cleaning company like us who offer many different methods. 

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Highly Recommended Carpet Cleaners

You will find that most carpet cleaning companies only use one method, usually steam cleaning, or dry-cleaning.  Some carpet cleaning companies will even come up with their name for their techniques. Some try to make it sound like an exotic service, making it hard to understand what you’re getting. 

However, don’t allow this to turn you against the legitimate expert carpet cleaning company. Make sure you do a little bit of research before asking for a specific carpet cleaning service. We are always happy to take calls and talk to our potential clients and will give advice freely when asked.

How often should I have carpet, upholstery, and rug cleaning?

We generally recommend cleaning your carpets approximately every 6 months. This will ensure the best possible maintenance of your carpets.  Also, it will ensure that all the dangerous dirt and chemicals don’t eat away at your carpet. Hence, providing a constant safe environment for your children.

We also offer discounts for regular customers. Particularly, if you book in advance we can arrange it on your carpet cleaning service.

Some rental agreements specify that you need to clean your carpets at least every 6 months. This is to ensure your mats stay fresh for the next tenant. Specifically, it ensures that there is no permanent build-up of dirt that can destroy those precious carpets.

Hire Only Professional Carpet Cleaners

Different carpets have different maintenance requirements. Please talk to your carpet manufacturer to get an idea of the cleaning frequency required. We would not recommend cleaning your carpets for less than every 12 months. We clean our carpets every 3 months. Even then, the amount of dirt extracted is pretty scary. Imagine what a 12 month+ buildup of dirt would look like. Don’t hesitate to call one of our carpet cleaning experts today.

We love to help you, so get in touch today via our contact us page.

Do You Do Any Other Cleaning Services?

Really Cheap Carpet Cleaning can help you with many different services.

We can offer you expert Pest Control,  and Carpet Cleaning service together.

We have many business connections.  For instance, we work beside many property managers and real estate agents which means we can recommend their services too.

We also specialise in upholstery cleaning in the private and commercial cleaning environments.

Call us anytime for a free QUOTE and let’s book in your Carpet Cleaning experts today!

Do You Guys Have a Blog Page?

Really Cheap Carpet Cleaning keeps and updates a regular Blogs page to keep all our clients up to date on our latest developments.

So please have a look at our Blogs and have fun.

Who is Brisbane’s Top Carpet Cleaner?

Really Cheap Carpet Cleaning offers trusted and reliable carpet cleaning service. Not only are we the cheapest, but we also give the best quality service. The other advantage of getting carpet cleaning from us is that we offer several other services that go hand in hand. We do pest control, mattress cleaning, and upholstery cleaning. Everything that you need to keep your house clean and free of pests, especially when it comes to the end of your lease.

Give us a call today and we can give you free quotes!

What more can we say? Just give the Really Cheap Carpet Cleaning Experts a call today!

What Areas Do We Cover for Cleaning Services?

Really Cheap Carpet Cleaning covers all areas of near Brisbane. We aren’t worried whether you live on the north or the south side, the east or the west, we can come to you and get the job done.

Some companies only cover small areas, but that’s not us – and we don’t charge more to drive a longer distance – we charge according to the size of the carpet that needs cleaning, or whatever other jobs need doing in your home. Really Cheap Carpet Cleaning – best carpet cleaning hands down.


Location Isn’t a Problem for our Professional Cleaning Specialists!

If you live in the outer suburbs, don’t worry! We can get to you – we service the whole carpet cleaning service. We also guarantee 100% customer satisfaction. Specifically, our team of carpet cleaning specialists can restore the best conditions of your carpets. Give us a call today for an obligation-free quote. We love carpets and our Carpet Cleaning team is waiting for your call now.


Your One Stop Shop Carpet Cleaning Brisbane

Really Cheap Carpet Cleaning offers you the cheapest carpet cleaning near Brisbane for the best price. We offer competitive rates but don’t skimp on the quality of our work or our customer service…..EVER!!.

There is no job too big or small for us. Whether you have only one carpet or a house full of carpets we will always take the job and offer a great price and a quality service every time. If you’d like to hear the great things our loyal customers have to say about us, check out our Google reviews. Really Cheap Carpet Cleaning – putting the customer first!

We Offer the Best Price Guarantee!

As mentioned, Really Cheap Carpet Cleaning does not just offer the cheapest service. Absolutely, we provide the highest quality results in carpet cleaning. Most importantly we put your satisfaction on top priority. Therefore, we guarantee nothing but excellent carpet cleaning results and customer experience.

Specifically, our pricing for our cleaning service depends on your unique needs. So, we first discuss with you your carpet cleaning requirements before we provide you the quote. Our team works with integrity by providing transparent and honest service. Absolutely, we provide no less than the best value for your money.

Why Should You Deep Clean Your Rugs, Carpets and Upholstery?

This is a common question the team at Really Cheap Carpet Cleaning frequently gets asked! “Why regularly deep clean our rugs/carpets/upholstery? Won’t spot cleaning and vacuuming do just as good a job?” In short, the answer is not really. While your surfaces might look clean on the surface, vacuuming and spot cleaning areas won’t get deep down into the fibres and make it really clean.

What Are The Benefits Of Hiring a Professional to Clean My Carpets?

  1. Getting your floor rugs cleaned regularly can massively improve their appearance. 
  2. While regular vacuuming can keep the surface dust & debris free, getting the whole rug thoroughly cleaned will invigorate the fibres and brighten them. 
  3. This will also help prevent the signs of wear and tear appearing as quickly. 
  4. With upholstery, you spend a lot of time sitting or laying on it. 
  5. Couches and chairs are usually the central pieces of furniture for family time. Even with regular vacuuming, bacteria can still live in the fabric. As well as all the deep-down dirt and crumbs that inevitably build up behind the cushions, sticky fingers and hidden spills that make the fabric a breeding ground for it.
  6. The last reason is bugs and allergens. Vacuum cleaners do a good everyday job, but to thoroughly sanitise and eradicate them, regular thorough cleaning is the key.

In Summary

We hope this has shed some light on why regular cleaning of your carpets, rugs, and upholstery is beneficial. Please don’t hesitate to contact us for a free quote and fabulous deals and discounts! We also do pest control treatment for all common household and commercial pests under the sun. Begin the restoration of a clean, healthy, and pest-free home by calling us today!


Frequently Asked Questions

This varies depending on the equipment or method used, but generally, it will dry overnight. Our Carpet Cleaning Teams are experts in the industry and will always ensure the best results for your carpets in the entire region. So, give our carpet cleaning Brisbane team a call today and see how awesome we are.
Your carpets should be professionally cleaned every 6 to 12 months minimum. When regularly cleaned, your carpet life is extended and the dirt and allergens that typically destroy your carpets are removed. Regularly cleaning your carpets is the best thing you can do for your carpets. Ask Really Cheap Carpet Cleaning for advice.

Really Cheap Carpet Cleaning offers an industry leading 7 day guarantee. This guarantee does of course not pertain to carpet stains and the removal thereof. However when it comes to carpet cleaning brisbane we know our stuff.

Immediately. Really Cheap Carpet Cleaning only cleans the fibres and not the underlay of your carpets, so there is no problem to start walking on them right away. 

As with any business we do have cancellation fees, however, we are incredibly reasonable about it. As long as the carpet cleaner has not been dispatched to the job there will be no cancellation fees payable. In all other circumstances, a 40% cancellation fee will be payable.

Yes, we offer discount to existing customers. Just ask us about our loyalty program. Not only that but our carpet cleaning services are QLD wide. Get in touch and let us help you with all your carpet cleaning needs.

Yes. We use only carpet cleaning methods that are safe for people, pets, and the environment.

Really Cheap Carpet Cleaning includes basic stain removal.

Happy Clients