Upholstery Cleaning Brisbane

Family with indoor pets

Having indoor pets gives you lots of pleasure in life but NOT when it comes to odours. Really cheap carpet cleaning can remove pet odours and marks on upholstery within 1 hour of  service. Your pets will never have to feel guilty about lying on your couch to relax again.

Family gathering at your house!

Are your in-laws coming over for the weekend? Or are you having a party at your place? In these events, not only do you feel like the food you have on the table has to be good but your house need to look, feel and be clean. upholstery cleaning will brighten up your house!

Newborn baby

When the newest family member joins the family, you want to make sure the environment is nice & clean for them. Newborn babies can get sick very easily, so we need to pay extra attention to the environment that we bring them into. if you are having a newborn baby or visitors with a newborn baby, feel free to contact us for more information. Our upholstery cleaning service is baby and pet-friendly so the health of your little ones is assured.

Spring Cleaning

Once or twice a year we recommend you get a spring clean done at your house. don’t forget about your upholstery too! We will get rid of all stains, grime and oils. It doesn’t matter whether it is a leather couch or fabric, we are able to clean it thoroughly.

Why choose Really cheap carpet cleaning for your upholstery needs?


Our team here at Really Cheap Carpet Cleaning is one of the few companies who use baby and pet-friendly cleaning supplies in QLD. We are always focusing on the quality of our work and the safety or your valuable family members.

Our cleaners are still amazed every time we perform upholstery cleaning at what a huge difference it makes! Not only will your house smell fresh, but your furniture will look like brand new.

If you have a family with kid it is not easy to keep your lounge sweet clean 24/7. It is best practise to keep food and crayons away from the couches. If they still get dirty, don’t worry! We have special ways to clean away the bacteria, germs, grime & oils! That’s a promise.

We know that families spend a lot of their time on the lounge and we would love to help you maintain a healthy environment. Your family’s health is more important than anything else.

Alternatively, if you are looking to get cheap carpet cleaning in brisbane then contact us today!