Supermarket Carpet Cleaner vs. Professional

Supermarket Carpet Cleaner vs. Professional Cleaner

before and after of carpet Quite often you walk past the carpet cleaning machines in supermarkets that claim to be as good as professionals. Is this really true though? Today the team at Really Cheap Carpet Cleaning are looking at the advantages and disadvantages of hiring a supermarket carpet cleaning over getting a professional in.

Advantages of a Supermarket Carpet Cleaner Machine

  • You can do it yourself and take your time
  • You can concentrate on certain spots
  • Fairly easy to use
  • Don’t need to book and wait for someone to come out
  • Cheap


  • Quality of the machine can vary
  • You may use too much water or detergent
  • May not use enough water or detergent
  • You may need to keep refilling the machine with hot water for maximum effectiveness
  • Machine might not be strong enough to handle deep-ground dirt or stains
  • No choice in cleaning products used
  • Products may not be included in hire costs
  • A bond may need to be paid upfront
  • May not be suitable for more expensive types of carpet

As you can see, there are positives and negatives to doing it yourself instead of hiring a professional. It comes down to a range of different circumstances. If you do decide to go the professional route,  check out our carpet cleaning Brisbane service. We are guaranteed to bring your carpets back to life. Contact us now to get a quote.

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